Careys Funeral Caterers: Frequently asked questions

Our team are here to help make organising a funeral reception a stress-free one. We have 28 years’ experience and are used to answering any and all of your questions.

What is included in your per person price?

The prices per person of the staffed menus include all the necessary crockery, cutlery, glassware, linen to the buffet tables and uniformed, experienced service staff.

We are not sure of suitable venues in the area and we don’t want to have the reception in a pub – are you able to help us find somewhere?

We have worked at a number of venues suitable for funeral receptions in the local area and would be happy to advise you of the one most suited to your needs, guest numbers and distance from the location of the service.

We love your menus and would like to mix and match between them – are the menus fixed?

The menu combinations are just suggestions, so please put your own menu together based on our suggestions and your taste. If there is a particular dish that you would like us to include, perhaps a favourite family cake, please let us know!

My mum is gluten free and my brother is lactose intolerant – can you cater for special dietary requirements?

We are used to accommodating special dietary requests, such as coeliacs, vegans and any allergies, and any requests can be accommodated provided that we are notified in advance. We have put together gluten free and vegan finger buffet menus, which we can provide alongside our other menus or substitute any of these dishes into our menus. Our staff will be available on the day to answer any dietary queries that you may have.

My family are Welsh and my sister would like to provide some traditional Welsh cakes for the reception – is this okay?

Of course! You may have a family favourite, which you would like to provide. This won’t be a problem but please make sure you notify the office team prior so we can bring service platters. Please note that due to our health and safety policy, we cannot cook or heat anything that hasn’t been prepared by our chefs.

We are having an intimate reception at home and don’t require staff or any equipment – what would you recommend us having from your menus?

Our ‘Careys to You’ is a bespoke service designed to suit your funeral reception at home or in a venue. The food is prepared by the same team of chefs and delivered straight to your door, beautifully presented on our stylish perspex platters and ready for you to serve. You can create your own menu from our suggestions and our knowledgeable team are on hand to advise on selection and quantities should you require some assistance.

We’ve looked through your website and information and we would like a quotation – how do we go about getting a quote?

Call or email us with the details – the date, an idea of the schedule and guest numbers and your choice of menu. If you’re looking for some advice, we will arrange a meeting to suit you – either at our Beckenham premises or we’ll come to you.

I’m unsure of numbers at this stage – when do you need final numbers by?

We know how hard it can be to initially judge how many people you may like to cater for. If you give us a guideline of how many people you think will be coming when we draw up the proposal, we will base it on that. However, we don’t require final numbers until 3 working days prior. We know you don’t usually get RSVPS so we can provide some advice on how many people to cater for.

The proposal is just what we are looking for – how do we go about booking you and making payment?

Once you were happy with the proposal, just let our team know you would like to book us. We don’t require a deposit. After you have let us have the final numbers, we will send our invoice over with full payment details. We accept payment via BACs transfer, over the phone with a debit or credit card and by cheque.

We would like to supply our own wines and beers – how would this work?

Our staff are happy to serve your drinks and our prices include the provision of glasses, jugs and trays. We do not charge corkage.

Will you be able to work in our kitchen? It’s a bit on the small side!

We have worked in many kitchens – some with just a sink! We can tailor the menu if there are no heating facilities. When we work in your kitchen, you can rest assured that we will leave everything clean and spotless after we’ve finished.

I don’t want there to be food leftover that will go to waste – what happens if fewer people turn up than I anticipated?

Our food is freshly prepared on the morning of the funeral and we provide disposable platters to take away any leftovers. The cakes are always popular a few hours later!

What time would you need to arrive to set up?

We usually require an hour to set up prior to guests arriving. If you are leaving the property with the funeral cars at a certain time, we would arrive 15 minutes prior to you leaving. You may have met with us previously and may prefer to give us a key so that we arrive when you are out at the funeral. We would set up and have a drink ready for you and your guests on arrival back at house.

What are your staff like?

Our front of house team are smart, courteous and professional. They are all friendly, personable and really, really nice! They are personally selected and are trained in-house. We do not use agency staff and we will look after your guests as if they were our own. Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our previous clients have had to say:

We have family coming from far away but won’t be up to cooking for them later in the evening – is this something you can help us with?

We can leave you with a supper dish to heat up later in the evening or some salads perfect for a summer’s evening. Our sister company Connexions Cuisine have a list of our most popular dishes, which can be provided on our white china or disposables, and we can provide heating instructions.

We were hoping to have some photos and memorabilia displayed for people to look at – are you able to provide a table?

We can bring along a suitably sized table and linen to cover it. We would position it in the room as appropriate and lay out your special items prior to you arriving.

We are not local to the area – can you help us with flowers and anything else we may need?

We can provide some simple seasonal flower arrangements or put you in contact with a great local florist. We can also provide a gazebo, easel, a sound system… anything you need help with, please let us know!

Why should I choose Careys Funeral Caterers?

We are award winning caterers that have been in business for 28 years, catering for a wide range of clients with different tastes and budgets. We have 5 star reviews and a 5 star food hygiene rating from the FSA. You can be assured that by choosing Careys Funeral Caterers, everything will run smoothly on what may be a difficult day for you.

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